My mom made some progress today, especially considering yesterdays surgery. She rested a lot, but she was awake and more responsive than ever. We focused on breathing tests hoping she would demonstrate enough strength to get off the ventilator. She did well but not quite well enough, so we’ll give it another go tomorrow. She’s really trying  She’d make you proud.

The wonderful thing about today is that she seems more coherent than ever. Though we can’t speak with one another she understands our questions and will nod to communicate.
She will also flash some very telling expressions when asked a stupid question. For example, when the nurse asked her “are you in any pain?” my mom managed to say “are you a fucking moron or something? What did you eat for breakfast a bowl of stupid?!?!?!” without uttering a word. So, my mom is still very much my mom.

So, tomorrow is another day. She loves knowing that you all are sending love. I read her all the messages you send me.

Thanks again. I’ll send you all an updte tomorrow.


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