Sorry I’d the email but I’ve limited time on the phone in the ICU and I thought you all might appreciate an update on my mom. She is doing well and remaining stable. She completed her second surgery yesterday where they stabilized her leg. Fortunately the leg will not need to be set since they used a rod and this will speed her recovery. She will have surgery tomorrow to set her pelvis which I am told is not severly broken.

Once we are through tomorrow were in good shape. Shell need a couple days to recover and then there might be some additional procedures to address the less pressing issues.

Were not sure yet when shell be able to leave, but I’m sure things will become clearer in the next couple of days.

Thanks so much for all your support and prayers. She is opening her eyes more frequently today and seems to understand what I say so I’ll be sure to tell her that you are all sending love. She loves hearing this. Her eyes open up and she nods her head gently when I tell her names of people who have called to wish her well.

Thanks again everyone. Shes iin good hands and will we better in time. 😉


Christmas recovery can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.  This year, for me, it’s about my mom’s recover from a very serious car accident. I started out writing some emails daily to friends and family that had come to know of her condition and wanted to keep updated on her progress.  To make things easy for everyone, including people who I might have left off the email list, I started a this blog.  I’m most certainly writing this for you all, but it’s also really therapeutic for me.  However, the real goal is to help my mom. So, read, comment, share, and do what ever you want to can to keep the positive thoughts and feelings coming. I know it helps her.